The Cemetery Registry of Cemetery Plots for Sale and Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale. What is it and How Does It Work?

Cemetery Plots For Sale or Grave Sites for Sale and Cemetery Lots with Burial Plots for Sale? 
What the Cemetery Registry Can Do to Help You.

What is The Cemetery Registry?

Whether you misspell Cemetary Lots for sale or call them Gravesites for sale we can help you sell them.

The Cemetery Registry performs similar services for Private Owners of Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale, as does the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ do for buyers and sellers of Stocks and Bonds.

Like the Stock Exchanges do for companies with stock to sell, The Cemetery Registry allows Private Owners of Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale to register their property and offer it for sale.

Once a Private Cemetery Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale owner has registered his or her property, that property is made available to anyone in the world interested and able to meet the price set for that property, as a stock would be available for a price to any buyer who wished to purchase that company’s stock.

Like the stock exchanges, The Cemetery Registry, matches up buyers and sellers through a program called a Buyer Search Request System. Buyers send to the Registry the type of property they want to buy and where. The Registry matches those requests to buy with registered clients who meet those criteria.

A seller’s information is sent to the buyer, as a stockbroker would do for one of his clients who is interested in buying stock in a particular company.

The big difference between how The Cemetery Registry works and the Stock Exchanges is in the costs. When a stockbroker sells or buys stocks for a client a commission is charged. When a client sells or a buyer buys through the Registry no commission is charged. As a matter of fact, no charges of any kind are paid by anyone that has anything to do with the Registry when a sale takes place.

The only charge ever paid with The Cemetery Registry is the registration fee, depending on how much privacy a seller wishes to maintain in dealing with the public. This charge is no different than what a company agrees to pay to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ. Just like the stock registration fee on those stock exchanges, a private owners registration fee to be listed in The Cemetery Registry is a one time only cost.

Many private sellers have experienced paying all kinds of fees; newspaper classified ads, Internet advertising fees, renewal fees, broker commissions, etc., and usually don’t understand the difference between what The Cemetery Registry is and those other things they have tried unsuccessfully to sell their cemetery property.

The Cemetery Registry is simply a huge, mega exchange that is there for anyone who has cemetery Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale they want to make available for sale. They want it to be always visible and ready for anyone who may wish to buy that particular type of property or needs to buy because a death has just occurred and they are responsible for the final arrangements.

Like the Stock Exchanges, where the majority of buying and selling of stocks in the US occur daily, The Cemetery Registry is where one wants to be at all times if they have Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale because most of all cemetery property sales occur on an "Immediate Need" and the Registry is the instrument buyers are turning to when they need to buy right away. It is why the Registry has its "Immediate Need" system. It insures a buyer that a property offered for sale carrying The Cemetery Registry’s "Immediate Need" designation can be purchased and used now, just like property they would pay as much as double for from the cemetery.

This ability to deliver Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale on such a short notice is where the private owner can finally have a chance to sell their property on a level playing field with commercial cemeteries across North America. Without The Cemetery Registry’s property exchange set up as it is there was no hope a private seller would ever be in a position to let anyone know in that 72 hour period of "Immediate Need" they have property the buyer can with confidence purchase at a huge savings over the only other alternative, the commercial cemetery, that would charge the highest price possible because all bargaining power is gone for someone who has no choice but to buy due to a death.

Is the "Immediate Need" system The Cemetery Registry has, important to a seller of Cemetery Plots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale? Indeed it is. 80% plus of all cemetery property that will be purchased this year and into the future will be done on an immediate basis. If a seller isn’t registered in The Cemetery Registry they have little hope of reaching this type of buyer. Thus, a seller who does not register what they want everyone to know they have for sale is missing the very market they need to sell.


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