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Making arrangements for a funeral, purchasing cemetery property or securing cremation services is really only a part of the end of life decisions we generally avoid. For most adults over 50 and especially those contemplating retirement, there are a number of critical areas that need to be addressed, not only in relation to our death and the inevitable funeral services, cemetery arrangements or cremation service, that will occur, but to ensure a consistent and high quality of life in our mature or senior years.

Most of us rarely give thought to such things as; 

  • Long Term Care - If you became ill or developed Alzheimer Disease where would the money come from?
  • A Will - Do you have one? Believe it or not a large percentage of us die without leaving any kind of will. This immediately puts everything we thought we had left to our surviving loved ones into an over crowded probate court system.
  • A Trust - Anyone who has assets of more than one million dollars in their estate should be looking into some form of trust.
  • Social Security Benefits - Do you know what you are entitled to and how it will work for you?
  • Estate Planning - Whether your estate is large or small have you maximized your ability to get the most out of what you own now and for the rest of your life.
  • Organ Donations - Would you like to help others even in death? Do you know how you would go about making sure you can help?
  • Do Not Resuscitate Instructions [DNR] - If you were to become so ill or incapacitated that there was no hope of recovery, have you decided what you want others to do about you?
  • Durable Power of Attorney - If you became incapacitated or incompetent have you designated someone to speak and act on your behalf in such things as your financial and legal affairs?
  • Patients Advocate - If you became incapacitated or incompetent have you designated someone to insure you were being medically adequately cared for?
  • Living Will - Most of us could cover many of the items in this list by creating a living will which is simply a document telling others what we want done in case we are about to die.

Of course we could go on with our list but the point is when you are thinking about creating final arrangements you should be thinking not only about that final moment but how the book of your life should be written, for better or worse, before that moment. It is to that end we have compiled here and will continue to add to resources that can help you learn about these areas, so you will be able to address them in an intelligent and efficient manner.

We list below some places where you can get additional information on the subjects listed above. As this area becomes known by industry participants we will add more to our list. Here are a few services we know about or have asked to be listed.

Long Term Care

Total Living Choices - Information to seniors and their families to assist them in finding the best living options.

Wills, Trusts, Living Wills & Estate Planning

CNN/Money Money 101 - Estate Planning Tutorial from CNN and Money Magazine covering wills, trusts, living wills, power of attorney, etc. It lists the top 10 things you should be paying attention to.

General Senior Sources for  the Topics Listed Above

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) - Organization for mature adults 50 and above in the United States. Information on health, long-term care, economic security, independent living and consumer issues. 

Seniors-Site - These pages on Seniors-Site are dedicated to providing information on a most difficult subject -- death.

The Social Security Administration [US Government Official Site] - How to Find the Top 10 Most Requested Services from Social Security Online.

Kiplinger.com - Information covering retirement and estate planning and more. Trust financial advise and business forecasts for more than 75 years.

Beyond The Veil Network - A wealth of pre-need suggestions, information and resources to help you develop your last wishes and final arrangements, wills, power of attorney, advance heath care directive, organ donation and much more.

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