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Thinking about Selling? Sell cemetery lots, grave sites or burial spaces; a single lot, multiple cemetery lots, mausoleum crypt or crypts and niches, you believe you won't be able to use. Selling your Cemetery Spaces, grave sites, cemetery plots and lots or burial spaces can help a great deal. There are only a total of approximately 1.5 to 2.0 million owners, nationwide, who for one reason or another won't need property they now own. There are currently about 2.3 million deaths in the US each year1. This total is expected to increase dramatically to nearly 3.5 million, due to the "Baby Boomer" population explosion after World War Two.

A 1999 survey indicated only 26% of 30+ adults had made any pre-arrangements2. A great number of burial properties must be purchased very quickly, under extremely stressful conditions, by confused and grieving family members who do not have the time nor inclination, to search thoroughly for this property. They usually are not aware of private property that may be available from someone like you because there has been no directory, no registry of your property and others like you.

Having this property registered, does not mean an obligation to sell. It simply means if someone needs or wants this property you are someone they can discuss it with. The final decision is still yours.

We estimate that 10% of all property owned on any given day in the US is in this "probably not use" category. With prices continuing to increase year after year and it getting harder to add additional burial locations, due to zoning restrictions, this wealth of available private properties could be a real benefit to those in need. Please at least register your property, it will be most appreciated.

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1 US average overall death rate .008 of population/year. US Census estimate.

2 Executive Summary of The Funeral and Memorial Information Counsel "Study of American Attitudes Toward Ritualization and Memorialization" 1999 Update. Worthin Worldwide © 2024

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