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Cemetery Lots for Sale How To List FREE! Cemetery Lots for Sale? Imagine Your Cemetery Lots for Sale On The Internet's Largest Worldwide Cemetery Registry

Cemetery Lots for Sale?

If you're currently advertising a classified ad you bought in a daily or weekly newspaper or magazine, you can be listed free in the Cemetery Registry while your other paid listing is running.

Step One

Check if your Cemetery lot or other property is already listed.

Click the link to the right to see if your already listed. Click Back here to continue registering for free.

Click Here to Check If Your Cemetery Lot is Already Listed in The Cemetery Registry

  • Find your state, city and cemetery
  • Be sure your not already registered.

Step Two

No! My cemetery lot is not listed. Tell Us Where to Look!
Email To: FREE LISTINGS @ Write To :
Final Arrangements Network
1835 Loretta Circle Dr., No.168> Essexville, MI 48732-9729

You must provide these items with your Email or Letter request for a Free Listing:

  • We need the precise page or URL your ad has been placed in or on.
  • Your ad must be still running.
  • It must be a paid ad.
  • We need the beginning and ending date it will run.
  • Give us a week to find it and complete its registration.
  • We will Email you, it has been found and registered.
  • All newspaper classifieds will run for one month from the day we find and place it in The Cemetery Registry.


YES! It is absolutely free. If you have purchased a classified ad that was for primarily a print publication, we will temporarily list your cemetery lot for sale, other cemetery property for sale or Funeral items you've already paid for, published and is currently being run in print including that newspaper or magazine's website.

My Classified didn't allow for all the Information I can put in to my advertising I could have in my Cemetery Registry listing. How can I add things like my Email, more description, special notices I want buyer to know? Can I add this important information rather than just what's in my classified?

Yes! Many private owners who have been restricted because it is too expense to include all the information they would like buyers to know in their classifieds, have decided to officially register their property. This gives them the security their property is being seen by interested buyers everyday with the right information about their property. This lack of enough information is one of the reasons Classified Ads for cemetery property just don't work. You can permanently register. Once registered, you never pay again. You will have the security your listing will always be advertised and you will be able to change your ad as often as you wish. It is entirely at your discretion. We will, regardless of whether you pay to have it changed or not, keep the information listed as we gathered it, as long as we find it still being published, and we will do this absolutely FREE of charge to you.

Why do you let me run FREE?
Aren't you in competition with the publisher, I already paid?

Yes & No.FAN is primarily an information and clearing center of Death Care information for individuals making important end of life decisions.
Our mission is to give these forward thinking, mature individuals the tools to carry out that planning. If you have a property or item related to their planning and you are currently paying to advertise it, we want to provide the conduit for both parties to help each other with their respective goals. We also hope to convince you with our service that permanently registering your cemetery lots, spaces and other property for sale in the Internet's Largest Registry of cemetery lots for sale by private owners, only a single processing fee and unlimited changes to your listing, registering with The Cemetery Registry is a sound investment for actually finding a buyer for your property.

We register the pertinent data in an announcement. FAN attempts to put as much description and detail the announcement contains as now published. We do credit the source publisher of your advertisement whenever possible. Minor changes may occur due to format differences, however the who, what, where and how much will be registered by us, if its there.

**The Final Arrangements Network regularly searches print and web media for published announcements related to Funeral and Cemetery arrangements.

We list appropriate items to our primary purpose, final arrangement planning, in our Cemetery Registry. All originating publishers are credited as the source.

FAN generally provides Links to these sources for further inquiry. In addition if contact information is incomplete or protected by the publisher of origin, FAN refers that listing to the source publisher.

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