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Cremation Scattering services are becoming a more and more popular method of memorialization for many Americans. The possibilities are wide and varied, from simple cremation scattering in a cemetery cremation scattering garden to the exotic launching the cremation ashes into outer space. An especially interesting variation, is the scattering over a location that is scenic or holds special significance. According to providers of cremation scattering services, this is becoming a more frequent and meaningful choice for a majority of Americans when cremation scattering choices are being considered.

Final arrangements has no opinion; neither do we recommend or criticizes any of these cremation scattering services. Final Arrangements Network advises that when selecting a service, you choose based upon the scattering services mission matching your wishes, or the wishes of your departed loved one. In addition, a reputable scattering service will be more that willing to provide license verification, professional and personal references. You should not hesitate to ask for these. Also, it is a good idea to check with both The Better Business Bureau and The Chamber of Commerce's for the areas served for any information they may have on past performance.

In the past there have been instances of non-performance and mishandling of the cremains by some individual companies in the trade, but these horror stories should not be taken as an indictment of this industry as a whole.

If you are a resident of California or are thinking of using a California based Cremation Scattering service company. The State of California requires that scattering services be registered with the same State agency that regulates Funeral Homes and Crematories. The status of California "Cremated Remains Disposer" license holders who perform Cremation Scattering services can be verified by contacting: The State of California Department of Consumer Affairs 

We list here some places where you can get additional information on cremation ashes scattering. As this area becomes known by industry participants we will add more to our list. Below are a few services we know about or have asked to be listed.

Links to More Information on this Subject

Homeward Bound Aerial Cremation Scattering - Homeward Bound Aerial Services is a family owned business, since 1993. We offer the premier in aerial ash scattering. As a family business, we strive to provide a personal service. Our family comes alongside yours during a time of loss and sadness. Our purpose is to help in the bereavement process by creating a lasting memorial to loved ones.

SeaCase Urns - Makers of biodegradable floating Urn in the shape of a boat for ocean scattering ceremonies

Ceremoniesatsea.com  -  Ceremonies at Sea is the nation's leading provider of yachts, boats, sailboats and even airplanes, for that cremation ash scattering or burial ceremony you have in mind. We tailor our services to fit any budget, any location and any need, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. We arrange from the simplest to the most elaborate of ceremonies. 10% of proceeds from all Ceremonies At Sea go towards assuring the continuing health of our oceans and bays.

Air Legacy - Air Legacy provides an Aerial Ash Scattering service for the Colorado Rocky Mountain region and parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming

Hawaii Ash Scatterings -  Accepts ashes for scattering from throughout the United States & abroad. Burial At Sea charter services (ash scatterings) may be attended or you may choose to have us respectfully scatter the ashes in the Pacific Ocean off the Oahu, Hawaii coastline in your absence. We also offer unaccompanied aerial dispersal of ashes off Waikiki & Diamond Head from our Honolulu, Hawaii based seaplane. Call us 24/7 at 1-800-829-4899

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