Something You Can Really Do for a Grieving Friend

"I not only lost my spouse, but my friends as well."

This may be something that will be said by our dear friend who now has suffered that terrible loss. You can make a difference and it doesn't have to be anything more than you remember to remember them, as they struggle to put a life back together. 

"Please Remember Me" is a special program for someone who does want to do something to help a friend know someone still cares and remembers them, not just for that first week or month, but in the long run, when everyone else has stopped, as they will. The experts tells us, don't avoid the bereaved. This adds to their loss. As the widowed often say, "I not only lost my spouse, but my friends as well."

Those who counsel suggest we, who care about our friend, consider sending a note at the time of their loved one's birthday, anniversary, death, or other special days. Further, we practice continuing acts of thoughtfulness - a note, visit, plant, helpful book on grief, plate of cookies, phone call, invitation for lunch, dinner, coffee. Take the initiative in calling the bereaved.

It is simple to set up. You give us dates (up to 6 per year) you want to make sure to remember that are important to your friend that relate to their loss; i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, death day, or other special days. We will send you an Email several days before the date (you tell us how many days in advance) to remind you. We will do this for a period of 24 months or longer if you wish. 

Changes will probably occur both in dates that you want to remember and your friends life. We can keep track of such things as a change of address or phone number of your friend. All you do is tell us what to change and when we remind you you'll have the latest information on your friend.

In today's hectic paced world, a little assurance you won't forget to care for your friend can't hurt, can it? 

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