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A Cremation Urn As Part of a Cremation Arrangements Plan A Final Arrangements Information Sheet

The cremation urn needs to be consider when final arrangements planning calls for Cremation. There is as much cremation urn variety in types and sizes as there are in pricing. You should consider purchasing or deciding on the vessel that will be the cremation urn in advance. It could literally save the family a large percentage of what it could cost if bought in the anguish of a death. There are plain urns which won't be displayed and quite stylish ones for the purpose of artistic display. Urns can be bought for just one person or for more than one and even urns that have only a small portion of the ashes. In actuality once a person is cremated anything the cremains are placed in technically is an urn. Some people carry small amounts of ash remains in lockets or bracelets. This concept is neither morbid nor new. Many religions of the world, the Roman Catholic Church for example, have used relics, bones and artifacts, of saints or holy persons  for centuries.

The concept of placing ones ashes in a receptacle as a gesture of honor and remembrance is only limited by ones imagination as to what becomes that receptacle. If you are preplanning your final arrangements you can choose from literally thousands of choices or create your own unique urn. If you are planning on using a facility for a niche, a location generally in a mausoleum, church, chapel dedicated to honoring and housing remains, you will have to comply with that facilities restrictions for types of acceptable urns.

Urns can cost next to nothing or thousands of dollars for a commissioned artisan to create a unique vessel just for you. The entire cost decision is yours to make. One can decide to have one urn or several going to different family members, each receiving some of the cremains. There really are no rules and few restrictions on urn choices or how it is done.

Selection from manufacturers are too numerous to mention. We suggest you visit any number of web sites to get an idea of selection, style and cost. You will find literally thousands of choices and hundreds of web sites. We recommend visiting a funeral home or casket store in your area and see what they have to offer.

There are also a goodly number of fine artists who create unique and beautiful urns to client specification. As this page grows in popularity we will hopefully hear from some of them and post their web site here. The thing to keep in mind, is that if you aren't planning on a scattering, see the page on scattering services for information, you may wish to consider an urn.

If you are going to have an urn as part of your final arrangements preplanning, below are some sources for information on urns we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your

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