Cemetery Memorial, Monument and Headstone for Final Arrangements Preplanning

Final Arrangements Preplanning for Buying a Cemetery Memorial,  Monument, Head or Grave Stone

Cemetery Memorial and Monument, sometimes referred to as a headstone are as varied in both price and style as there are those who purchase them. This is the one place where what is chosen to honor and dignify the loved one lost will bear a lasting impression. When all the funeral home, church or synagogue, casket display, eulogies and mourning are finished, the memorial, monument or headstone will remain a physical remembrance of that loved one for decades to come.

We at The Final Arrangements Network cannot begin to show even a small portion of this diverse product's styles, costs, materials, manufacturing differences or any of the myriad of choices available to you. We can tell you, however, it is important you shop thoroughly. This is one of those items where substantial savings can be made by becoming an aware consumer on this subject.

One of the best ways to save is if you can find both the cemetery lot and memorial, monument or headstone for sale by a private owner. There are hundreds of such offers in The Cemetery Registry. If you can find a cemetery in your area there may be both a lot and marker for sale. Savings of up to 50% are not unusual using the Cemetery Registry this way.

There are hundreds of websites that offer direct purchases and shipping of memorials and monuments of all kinds. You should do a search to familiarize yourself with what is available and in your final arrangements budget range.

A word of caution about cemeteries and markers. Many cemeteries have very precise specifications covering; style, size, color, installation, foundation, etc.. When you have decided on a cemetery or are looking at a list of choices for cemetery, talk to that cemetery and get these specifications before you waste your time looking for a memorial or monument that won't be acceptable in those cemeteries.

In addition to standard types of memorials, monuments or headstones there are a bevy of artisans who can fashion unique and beautiful creations you may wish to consider. Please click below for a current list of artists we at The Final Arrangements Network have become aware of.

Memorial & Monument Artists

If you are going to have a memorial or monument as part of your final arrangements preplanning, here are some sources for information on memorials a monuments we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program:     

Classic Memorials.com - Memorials, Grave Markers, Headstones, Monuments, Tombstones -  Classic Memorials sells funeral and cemetery memorial products with free delivery.

The Casket Gallery - Bronze and Granite Headstones.

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