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Elder Care and Alzheimer's caregiver information, advice and sources for more guidance.

Elder CareElder Care, Alzheimer's Disease and The Caregivers: A Final Arrangements Information Sheet

Elder Care and Alzheimer's Disease, among all the things pressing in on today's society, nothing is growing as fast.  The phenomenon of  Elder Care and its main cause Alzheimer's Disease places tens of millions of adult children directly in the difficult position of caring for the very parents who cared for them.

Elder Care, unlike in decades past when Elder Care was somewhat easier because geography and medicine had not yet made Elder Care the more complicated and long term commitment it now is becoming.

The most important thing to remember about Elder Care and Alzheimer's Disease,  if  you face such a task, is what many professionals will assure you of, you're not alone. The Elder Care and Alzheimer's Disease information and sources provided here are only the tip of the iceberg. Much is being written about Alzheimer's Disease and Elder Care concerning support for the growing number of children who are beginning to tackle Alzheimer's Elder Care. This Elder Care guidance is coming on line everyday. We will endeavor to stay abreast of Elder Care advice and hope you too will help by contacting us if you find something worthwhile in your Elder Care efforts that you would like to pass along.

Facing Elder Care and Alzheimer's in Your Family? Don't Panic!

Elder Care Information is Out There to be Gathered. You Just Need to Know Where to Look. Click the Topics about Elder Care Below and Begin the Gathering.

Elder Care Advice & Help Sources for New Caregivers

Since 1991, the Elder Care Locator, a nationwide toll-free service, has helped older adults and their caregivers find local services for seniors. The U.S. Administration on Aging is now pleased to make part of this service available on-line so that consumers can easily link to the information and referral (I&R) services of their state and area agencies on aging. These I&R programs can help you identify appropriate services in the area where you or your family member resides.

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Elder Care Advice & Help Sources for New Caregivers

The Administration on Aging (AoA) is the focal point and advocacy agency for older persons at the federal level. AoA provides leadership, technical assistance and support to the national aging network. It administers most OAA programs at the federal level. These programs provide assistance to older persons and their caregivers, as well as critical support services, such as nutrition and transportation, for older persons at risk of being prematurely or unnecessarily institutionalized. AoA also administers programs that protect the rights of vulnerable and at-risk older persons and educates them and their communities about the dangers of elder abuse and consumer fraud. Other OAA programs offer older persons opportunities to enhance their health and service their communities through employment and volunteer programs.

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