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This Sell Cemetery Burial Plot for Sale Evaluation Service is Free and completely Confidential as a Courtesy from the Cemetery Registry MLS to USA Cemetery Plot Private Owners.

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Total Value of all the property not a price quote for one Lot if you own more than one. This is an important part of the evaluation and you should try to have the Cemetery give you a current price if someone needed to purchase what you own from them today. If the Cemetery proves uncooperative,some are, a local Funeral Director, who services that area, should be able to give you a reasonable figure to use.

No "Blue Sky" Estimates Provided

"Blue Sky" means we are not allowed to make up values or pricing. We only allow our teams to report actual pricing and values on Cemeteries they investigate. Blue Sky refers to certain types of schemes such as real estate and security sales where inflated or deflated estimates are used in order to secure the rights to represent, sell and derive a commission or fee, on a property or stock, regardless of the reality in the marketplace in order to make a profit on such a sale or a fee charged.

Please be aware that our evaluation team can only give you what we find and comparisons to existing pricing if available. At no time is our team allowed to simply create pricing from whole cloth or as it is known use "Blue Sky" estimates, without verifiable data to back it up, for any purposes. If pricing does not exist we will tell you so and offer suggestions on how such information may be obtained by you through you own efforts.

Current Cemetery Registry's Comparable Property Price for Similar Property

Property ARN's Similar to Yours:

Please use the link below to access the Cemetery Registry's Database.
When you are done just click the X in the upper right corner of the page you are looking at in The Cemetery Registry. This will bring you back to this page so you can complete your worksheet. Find you State, then City and Cemetery. Look through the Listings for similar property to what you own. If you find any offers like yours please place the ARN # or #s, Archival Record Number, from the lower left hand corner of that and any other listings that fit your property's in the box above.

The Cemetery Registry USA Database

Additional Details & Other Goods or Services You are selling:

Please describe further anything you think would be important and affect our pricing evaluation. Especially provide information about any additional goods or services that you are selling along with this property. Include such items as; Vaults, Markers, Memorials, Headstones and their respective bases, Urns, Vases, Caskets, Open and Closing Fees, etc. Please provide both a description of the item or service and the quantity.

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Sell Cemetery Plot for Sale and Sell Burial Plot or Sites for Sale Free Confidential Pricing and Evaluation Service

This Service is Free & Confidential as a Courtesy to USA Cemetery Plot Private Owners

This is currently a Free Confidential Evaluation Service to help you understand what your Cemetery Plots and Lots or Grave Sites and Burial Plot for sale are worth in today's ever expanding private owner sellers Cemetery marketplace. 

The Cemetery Registry has been helping clients for over 10 years to put a fair price on their Cemetery Lots and Plots for sale, that is both competitive and attractively priced. Using our proprietary formula for pricing Burial Plots and Grave Sites for sale that is unrivaled in the Cemetery Market, we hopefully can give you a realistic estimate of the current asking price for your property. This pricing estimate is based on the information you provide and our private pricing formula. The more specific that information the better we are able to provide you with a competitive price to ask for when selling. 

Please provide the best information to the following questions about your property. If you can't get all the information, please try your best to provide what you can. The more thorough you are, the better we can price your property for you. Once submitted we will provide you with what we consider a reasonable price or price range for your property. If we cannot we will inform you of what we would need to get to do so.