Cemetery Lots For Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale Links Plus Funeral and Cremation Services as well as Links to Casket, Urns and Grave Marker Online Sellers

Cemetery Lots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale Links as well as Funeral, Cemetery, Cremation and Burial Services Arrangements Website Sources on the Internet

From Cemetery Lots for Sale or Grave Sites with Burial Plots for Sale and Funeral Home Arrangements to a Cremation Scattering Service, Burial At Sea, Caskets for Sale, Memorial Dealers and Urn retailers; Final Arrangements' links for finding most of what you need to make final arrangement decisions yourself.

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The Cemetery Registry Caskets for Sale, Funeral Homes Quality, Selection and Immediate Purchase and Delivery     


The Cemetery Registry Cremation Urns for Sale, Funeral Homes Quality, Selection and Immediate Purchase and Direct Delivery at a Discount

"A Perfect Urn"

GLCwoodcrafts.com Offering handcrafted wood cremation urns, flag cases, medal cases, and memory chests.

Cremation Urns of Vermont Quality Cremation Urns manufactured in Vermont from wood, granite, marble, slate, and stained glass. We specialize in double and customized cremation urns.

Cemetery Lots and Burial Plots for Sale or Grave Sites for Sale Website Links:

Cemetery Lots, Burial Plots and Grave Sites for  Sale by Owner

The Cemetery Registry


Funeral Planning 1

In Loving Care


Your Loving Memorial

Cemetery Broker

The Plot Exchange

Funeral- Home Directories

Cyndi's List

EZ Arrange.com

The Funeral Directory



The Preplanning Network

National Funeral Director's Assoc.

Cemetery  Services

Goodwin Construction/Midsouth Install  Opening and close of graves in north Mississippi.

Angels Grave Tending Services Grave tending services in Michigan, including general maintenance, flower deliveries/placements,stone cleaning, genealogy services.



The Funeral Depot

The Funeral Directory

Wilbert Online

Funeral and Memorial Planning Services

Memorial Service Planning
"This site provides a complete resource for planning unique and meaningful Memorial and Funeral Services."

Create an online memorial to your loved ones.

A collection of funeral poems. Thank you!

Personalized Memorial Cards
Personalized memorial cards and prayer cards with photo! Overnight shipping on all orders! 10% of profit goes to cancer research!

Cemetery Directories

The Preplanning Network

Cyndi's List

EZ Arrange.com

Final Arrangements Preplanning Help





Nolo Law Center


EZ Arrange.com


Online Memorial & Obituary Listings

The Final Arrangements Network

EZ Arrange.com

Life Files Network

Internet Memorials Create a personalized internet memorial to honor a friend or loved one that has passed-on. Log-on at: www.InLovingCare.net

Grave Markers, Memorials & Monuments

Creative Memorials

When placed outdoors, Rock & Water Creations' family of cremation urns that replicate boulders and bark-encrusted tree stumps are the natural way for funeral home customers to celebrate the lives of their loved ones while "Keeping Their Memory Close to Home™" and providing an attractive accent to any landscaping or cremation garden.

The Casket Gallery

Cold Spring Granite

Classic Memorials

Hunt Memorials

Final Plans

Arrow Bronze Co

Colmer Monument Co

Markers Direct

Matthews International

Artisans in Caskets

Sun City Granite

The Perfect Urn

Memorial Design & Sales

H. C. Woods "Rock Arts"

Creative Memorials

Architects Private Mausoleum Design
Cold Spring Granite
Memorial & Cremation Societies

Exclusive Family Estates

Episcopal Memorial Advocates

Cremation Scattering Services

Eternal Reefs, Inc.

Midwest Cremation Services

Sea Services

The Neptune Society


Internet Cremation Society


Government Information

Social Security Administration

US Federal Trade Commission

Information  Sources

Funeral Home And Crematory - FuneralandCemetery is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing unbiased information to the public about all aspects of the funeral service and cemetery industries.


Funeral Consumers Alliance


The Natural Death Handbook

Senior Resources

Funeral HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about funerals.

Grief Help Sources
Genealogy Interest 

U.S. Genealogy Project

Final Journey.com

National Genealogical Society

Cyndi's List

Insurance Specific to Final Arrangements (also known as Final Expenses Insurance)

Interment Net

A1 Life Insurance Quotes.com

WEB TV Insurance Quotes

Forethought Funeral Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Links


EZ Arrange.com

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Estate Planning Guide

Long Term Care Information

Total Living Choices

The Funeral Directory

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