Cemetery Lots For Sale on the Internet Could Save You 50% of the Cost!

Cemetery lots for sale is a new source from which you can buy cemetery property at tremendous savings for planning final arrangements. One of the largest cemetery lots for sale multiple listing service is The Cemetery Registry with thousands of listed cemetery lots for sale offers. If you are looking to buy cemetery property, you could see savings of nearly 50% on the cost if bought from many of the registered private owners listing in The Cemetery Registry.

If you own cemetery lots or goods and services purchased for your final arrangements preplanning that is no longer appropriate, you should register with The Cemetery Registry. If you are like most of our registered owners you have or will find out that classified advertising; cemetery, funeral or anything associated with funeral, burial or cremation services is not sold like automobiles or furniture. It is necessary to stay visible for that day when someone making final arrangements on a preplanning or at need basis is looking for just your property. Classified advertising is based on a charge by the day, week, month, quarter of a year or yearly. Those charges often mount up to more than the actual property is worth and this is where sellers get discouraged. If you are interested in learning how to sell your cemetery lots visit our how to sell tips page. Just click here Sell Cemetery Lots - Tips.

This is precisely why using a professional multiple listing service like The Cemetery Registry is so important. You only pay to register and then you stay in front of the buying public for as long as it takes to sell. In the meantime you can make changes as often as you wish to refresh your registration. Try doing all that with your local newspaper and see how fast the costs add up. Generally, the total cost of registering with The Cemetery Registry is less than most newspapers charge for just one week of a three line classified ad.

Whether you are a buyer or seller it is important you check with the cemetery or funeral home where the property, services and products were bought to make sure transfer of ownership can take place and how that is done. Often cemeteries will have a deed transfer fee of $10 to $200 and require a document such as a "Quit Claim" as part of the transfer. Make sure you know what is required before you go ahead with any transfer. If you need more information read Conducting Your Sale.

Even though we consider The Cemetery Registry the multiple listing service to use there are other fine organizations who offer a listing service of some kind. Below are some we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program. 

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