Funeral Homes - Finding Funeral Home Services for Preplanning Final Arrangements

Finding Funeral Home Services for Preplanning Final Arrangements

Finding that Funeral Home and Director to work with you regarding your final arrangements preplanning for funeral services is sometimes easy if your family has already had an ongoing relationship over the years. For many, however, it is a brand new experience. Often you have moved from your family's home town and may find yourself in an unfamiliar city with dozens of funeral homes to choose from and many things to keep in mind while you shop for the services of a funeral home and its director.

There are some important rights that you have as a consumer when it comes to dealing with funeral homes. These rights are part of what is called The Funeral Rule. They are spelled out in the Federal Trade Commission's A Consumer's Guide. If you wish to read about this rule so you know your rights click here FTC The Funeral Rule. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the Funeral Rule, as it constitutes a safeguard to overspending on either final arrangements preplanning or purchasing funeral home services because a death has occurred.

If you have specific questions you are having trouble finding answers to or have comments about dealing with a funeral home you would like to share with our other visitors, please write to us at   Final Arrangements Mail @. We would love to hear from you and please be sure to say if its okay to share online with others your question or comment.

Although we believe The Final Arrangements Network is an excellent source for most of the information you need to create your final arrangements preplanning. There are a number of additional sources for information about funeral homes and how to locate one. Below are some we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program.

Caskets For Sale -Wholesale Pricing - Caskets for sale with Funeral Home quality and selection at wholesale type prices. The Cemetery Registry's Caskets for sale services can ship and deliver to any funeral Home in 24 hours for Emergency need situations. 

Funeral Consumers Alliance - Funeral industry watchdog group that includes consumer warnings about specific organizations, things to watch for and tools and information on planning a funeral.

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) - Professional organization for licensed funeral directors, embalmers, mortuary science students, and retired funeral service professionals. Site includes current news, consumer resources, an overview of the professions, and event information.

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