Cemetery Burial; Save Thousands if You get the Right Burial Vault

Burial vaults; buy for 50% less and save thousands in burial costs when preplanning.
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There are burial vaults you can buy for 50% less. Just see The Cemetery Registry and see how many owners are selling their burial vaults as part of their cemetery lots for sale registration. If you understand what burial vaults are for, you could, literally, save thousands in final arrangements costs when preplanning. Buying anything but the least expensive burial vault one can use, at a cemetery which requires a burial vault, is, in the opinion of The Final Arrangements Network, a waste of money. The most one should do is, if it makes you feel better, get the one that is lined.
The burial vault has one function besides being the receptacle the casket goes in on a cemetery lot. It is not a protective covering for the casket. It is a practical cemetery requirement to prevent their grounds from creating a undulating appearance of sunken ground that results from earth settling after a grave is filled in. It allows the grounds crews to use heavy equipment to cut the grass and not risk damage from ruts and holes created by settling earth.
The choice of other than the bare minimum required by the cemetery is your personal choice. You can spend a few hundred for a perfectly adequate concrete and asphalt coated burial vault all the way up to a stainless steel or copper engraved one costing thousands of dollars. Either one will do the job the cemetery wants done by requiring a burial vault in the first place.
If you really are looking to save money on both the cemetery lot and burial vault, you should check The Cemetery Registry Final Arrangements Network's multiple listing of registered cemetery lots for sale. A number of these owners offer not only the lot but often the cemetery vaults as well. Savings are tremendous, often 50% off current cemetery prices is not unusual. If you can find one at a cemetery that would be acceptable to your final arrangements preplanning, you would be well served to take this route. Read our page on buying cemetery lots for sale by private owner for more information.
The ideal cemetery arrangement is where no burial vault is required at all but those are few and far between. You can have a no burial vault required situation on private property if you are in a state where this is allowed. Please check out the state rules on burials under the heading Caring for Your Own Dead at the Funeral Consumers Alliance website for information about your options.
If you are going to have a burial as part of your final arrangements preplanning and you intend to use a cemetery, the likelihood is you will be required to purchase a vault.  Here are some sources for information on vaults  we have found or have asked to be listed below to help your final arrangements preplanning program.
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Your local Cemetery often sells and installs their own vaults or those of a local manufacturer who supplies them.
Often you will get the best for the least going this route.
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