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Cremation Arrangements' Advice That Can Save You Money A Final Arrangements Information Sheet

Cremation is becoming the predominant final arrangements choice at death in the US. Cremation is chosen each year by an ever increasing number of people. Cremation in some sections of the country, accounts for more than 60% of the final dispositions at death. The reasons for Cremation are wide and varied but most often it is the high cost of funerals and a desire for simplicity in the mourning process that account for much of the final arrangements decisions to be cremated.

A traditional funeral now costs on average more than $6,000. Cremation whereas, can be one fifth the cost. It is for some families a funeral is the third most expensive item they ever purchase behind a home and an automobile. The Final Arrangements Network has endeavored through its tutorials and planning programs to help lower those costs but the decision between cremation and more traditional funerals is entirely a personal and family choice.

Transporting cremated remains via airlines have specific new TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules. Use this link to get the information and see a check list of things to keep in mind. New TSA procedures affecting passengers transporting crematory containers on airplanes as carry-on baggage

If it is your final wish to be cremated, you will want to make sure you learn not only about cremation as explained at Cremation Arrangements Preplanning Information but also about Memorial Societies and cremation services available on the Internet and in your area. Your funeral director, as well, will also be able to shed light on how to go about making these kinds of final arrangements.

Cremation Scattering services are becoming a more and more popular method of memorialization for many Americans. For more on cremation scattering see our information on this subject at: Cremation Scattering Services

There are several places you can get a wealth of information about cremation arrangements. Here are some sources for information on cremation and cremation arrangements we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program:

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