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Cremation Arrangements Preplanning is Increasing

This form of final disposition has grown quite rapidly in recent years. Since just 1987 when cremation accounted for 15.21% of the deaths, it is projected to grow three fold to 47.09% of the deaths according to the Cremation Association of America. Canada will increase from 30.85% in 1987 to 46.97% of deaths in 2010.

The reasons are varied but a common thread seems to be economics. Compared to an average over $5,000 for a " standard funeral" and burial, cremation arrangements appear to make an attractive economic choice, to many. It remains to be seen if this will continue its projected trend upward.

Cremation arrangements as part of your final arrangements, makes for some interesting choices for you, in planning. Our charts attempt, but could never, cover all the actual and psychological decisions you will face when this is your arrangement choice.

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Cremation Arrangements Decisions and Choices...

Memorial Society. There are both profit and non-profit organizations at the national and state level. You may find, with a little checking, a local chapter or group in your area. Remember, these organizations were set up to provide an alternative to the traditional death care system, with a marked economic savings to those using their services. In most cases you will find a sensitive ear to any issues you may have, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Check the links page or your Yellow Pages under Associations, Funeral Pre-Planning Services or Memorial Societies.

1. Who will provide Cremation Service?

Family Funeral Director. Though many think funeral directors are only interested in traditional funeral plans, you will find your local director is first a dedicated servant of your family and community. Most directors can provide the services you may need. Many have added specialty cremation service arrangements because so many are requesting them.

Directly deal with a Crematorium (if allowed by law). Most States require a licensed funeral director to oversee any kind of death care, therefore, you will likely deal with a licensed director who will work with you in your planning and be able to answer any issues of arrangement you may have. Normally there will be various levels of service. The basic level will include documentation, transportation of the deceased, the cremation itself, remains delivery and releases. Beyond the basic, services, similar to those of a traditional funeral home, are available from many of the providers.

To Consider.....

Traditional Funeral service with cremation afterwards

Same as funeral requirements as well as Cremation services. If you are considering this your will need to coordinate with your funeral director. There generally is a service package for just this type of arrangement.

Direct Cremation memorial service at funeral home.

Talk to a funeral director as to what type of arrangements they offer when your needs won't require some of the normal services. Many offer a different fee structure for these types of services.

2. How do You want the Memorial Services structured?

Direct Cremation and memorial service without a funeral home service.

  • Use cemetery facilities for the memorial service, if your planning includes a cemetery setting.
  • Religious facility arrangement often can be done.
  • A private home is sometimes used

Direct Cremation and non-traditional services

  • Land
  • Burial at Sea
  • Wind Scatter

Each of these unique arrangements should be discussed with those who you will have carry them out. Absolutely, instructions need to be included in your written arrangements document to insure they are carried out. (Check Links this page for some of the providers of these services.)

3. How will you be ultimately memorialized for loved ones, throughout time?

Important Note: The grief process is such, that psychologists suggest some form of physical remembrance is crucial to closure to some surviving family members.

To Consider.....

Cremation niches are available in a variety of setting from most cemeteries often as part of their mausoleum facility.

Cemetery scatter gardens are available at some and are being built at others. Check your area.

Cemetery columbarium, statuary structures grace many cemeteries and provide an excellent, not to mention, attractive outdoor setting as an alternative to an inside niche.

Burial in a Cremation garden of a cemetery. For those who want the tradition of a grave site with memorial stone or bronze this fits both the esthetics and economics, as the costs are generally lower.

A standard burial plot. In most areas a single plot can be used by two individuals as long as one is cremated. Some cemeteries restrict memorial placement.

Some religious organizations provide niche facilities at some churches. This is often restricted to congregation members.

If scattering is the arrangement, you may consider some form of plaque or other memorial artifact to be placed as part of a park, cemetery, building or other appropriate physical location.

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