Conducting a Cemetery Lots for Sale Transaction

All cemetery lots for sale transactions are conducted between registered individuals, Final Arrangements Network does not conduct the transactions but registers and connects those who have cemetery lots for sale  property, goods and services with those who want to purchase them.

Final Arrangements Network does not "broker" cemetery lots for sale sales, nor is it directly involved with the exchange of any money for any cemetery property. What Final Arrangements Network will do is show you how to register your cemetery properties to a service that can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time. We simply connect buyers with cemetery lots for sale sellers.

Information - Conducting a Cemetery lots for sale Sale

In order to protect both the buyer and seller, Final Arrangements Network strongly encourages the use of electronic bank transfer from the Buyer to the Seller's checking account for any transaction. It is up to the Buyer and Seller to complete the closing of all property transfers in accordance to the laws within their specific legal jurisdiction and at the direction of the Cemetery where the transfer is taking place.

Registering Buyers and Sellers

In all situations, Final Arrangements Network reserves the right to remove/filter out illegitimate sellers and buyers from the network. Service with dignity and discretion is of our utmost importance.

Let it be known and understood that the Final Arrangements Network is not a brokerage house, that Final Arrangements Network does not facilitate or conduct the actual transaction of money and/or properties and services between buyers and sellers. As in all transactions and potential transfer situations, buyer beware.

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