Cemetery Lots for Sale and Burial Plots for Sale with the Immediate Need Advantage for Sellers

How to Make your Property an "Immediate Need Ready Site" and Increase Your Chance of Selling Sooner.

What does this mean to you if you have Cemetery Property for Sale?

It means you have a tremendous opportunity to do something for these families who are suffering and at the same time make good use of that Cemetery property you don't necessarily need for your family. These million plus families will have to make a decision and very quickly, usually within the first 12 to 24 hours after a death has occurred. As much as 80% of all cemetery property sales happen this way.

Private Owners like Yourself Usually Lose the Sale to a Cemetery for Four Basic Reasons:

1. Nobody knows you have property for sale because you can't afford to be in the newspaper every week in hopes someone will see your classified ad on the day a loved one dies.

2. Nobody knows you can sell your property and make it available just like the Cemetery can and for a lot less money to the family who needs it.

3. You have no place where Funeral Directors will look or tell their families to look when the need for Cemetery Property becomes critical.

4. You aren't registered and listed in The Cemetery Registry multiple listing database where Funeral Directors and their families are learning to go to see what is available before they have to call the Cemetery.

If you have property; Cemetery Lots, Burial Plots, Grave Sites, Mausoleum and Lawn Crypts, Niches you can make available within a 72 hour period we would like to here from you. You would not necessarily be selling all your lots unless that is the way you would want to make the property available. This means any other lots you have would not have to be sold at that time. You would receive whatever you have decided is the fee you want to receive for your permission to use this space(s). The rest of your property would remain yours to do with as you wish.

These cemetery lots would have to be ready to make available to a needing family within hours of you being asked for permission to use. Therefore, you will need to check with the cemetery where you own them to see what you need to do to use them for someone other than yourself. What you need to know from the cemetery are the answers to these questions:

  • I am going to give permission to bury someone in one of the graves, lots, spaces, etc. I own the rights of burial to in the next 24 to 72 hours. Can I do that?
  • If yes, who does it and what is the process that has to be done?
  • How do I accomplish this so someone can be buried tomorrow or at least within the next 72 hours?
  • What paperwork if any has to be done?
  • How do I provide this permission so the burial can take place?
  • Do I call someone or does the family who needs this or their funeral director do that?
  • You will need to bill and collect the fees for the actual burial, open and closing, from the family I am giving permission to. Do you have a problem with that.

Once you are satisfied you can make your property available, you need to register it as an Immediate Need Ready Site with The Cemetery Registry. There is no extra charges to registering for this. In registering, you will need to settle on a price, provide us with contact information both phone and email so we can get a hold of you immediately should the need arise. Details of the site need to be specific as to its location in the cemetery, therefore, you need to have your cemetery give you those details if you don't already have them in your deed.

Your listing in The Cemetery Registry will carry a special designation as an at Immediate Need Ready Site. You need to be ready to provide your permission at any time that phone call or email gets to you indicating a need for your property is immanent from someone at The Cemetery Registry. You will then need to initiate the process to provide your permission to use.

If you are satisfied your property can carry our Immediate Need Ready Site designation, please indicate so on your registration where it asks you to indicate yes or no to this question. Please remember there are no extra charges associated with such a registration.

Note *: 1.6 million cemetery lots needed is based on US Census estimate of 2.5 million deaths and approximately 33% cremations without need of burial in 2004.

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Most Private Owners Can Increase Their Chance to Sell Cemetery Lots and Grave Sites for Sale with:

Three Simple Choices

Cemetery Lots for Sale Sellers will miss their chance to sell this year despite a huge demand for Cemetery Lots for Sale because of three major choices they won't make.

  • Choice #1
    Register their Cemetery Lots for sale in the Internet's International Multiple Listing of Cemetery Lots for Sale The Cemetery Registry

  • Choice #2
    Make Arrangements to Sell their Cemetery Plots for Sale as "Immediate Need" Cemetery Property.

  • Choice #3
    Begin Using the most sophisticated service ever made available to Cemetery Property Sellers Express-Match Services from The Cemetery Registry. You literally manage the selling effort of your property directly to the Buyer.

Express Match

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Cemetery Lots for Sale Owners Have an Opportunity They May Never Have Thought of. There will be an Immediate Need for over 1,600,000 Cemetery Plots for Sale in 2006.

Over One Million Burial and Entombment sites will be needed by families this year. Not to mention, another Million Cremation scattering, niche and urn encasement arrangements that will be made. This is not speculation but fact. There will be nearly 2.5 million deaths in the US this year and final arrangements will be made for them by someone.

The Cemetery Registry now makes it possible for you, a Private Owner, to be considered by these millions of buyers who have to buy this year from someone. There has never been this kind of option for Private Owners or the Funeral Directors and their families who have to find Cemetery Property on short notice available anywhere in the US or the world, for that matter. Never has such a comprehensive national service been able to be used until The Cemetery Registry started making Privately Owned Cemetery Property available and visible 24 hours a day 7 days a week as a service to Funeral Directors and their families in need. It is literally changing the way Cemetery Property is bought and sold and means the Private Owner who needs or wants to sell finally can compete with the commercial Cemeteries in the US for these millions of Cemetery Property sales that take place each year.

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