Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation Cost Controls. What You can do to Control Them

Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation; How Much Money Does It Take to Pay for Final Arrangements?  What Can I do about It?

Funeral Home, Cemetery and Cremation costs are the things, of a practical nature, that final arrangements planning can really make a difference with. The following chart lays out a range of costs for key elements in the final arrangements process and offers some ideas and alternatives. You may have some ideas we can share with everyone. Please email them to us. Contact: Final Arrangements Mail @

Final Arrangements That could be Chosen by You

Range of Costs
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What Can I do? Alternative Final Arrangements if Available

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$700 to $2,000

Have more than one Funeral Home to use and know what the charges are for services and goods you need before you need them. Look for Budget Funeral Services & Memorial Society

Final Arrangements Preplanning Can Save You 50% of the Costs

Finding that Funeral Home and Director to work with you regarding your final arrangements preplanning for funeral services is so Important.

$150 to $1,000

Will be part of services from whomever you choose

Memorial Society

$300 to $600

Eliminate by choosing cremation where it should not be necessary to perform

Memorial Society

$600 to $1,000

Compare services and prices from several of these sources; Memorial Society, Cremation Society, Internet Companies, Local Cremation Company

Cremation is becoming the predominant final arrangements choice at death in the US.

Why Cremation Scattering services are becoming a more and more popular method of Memorialization for many Americans.

$400 to $600

If you don't need it don't allow it

Not Legally required except in cases where body is to move across state lines. Usually done by the funeral home to accommodate visitation and display of deceased or an extended period of time between death and burial.

$600 to $1,200

Eliminate or reduce. Have a memorial service without body present at a church or private home rather than the funeral home

$600 to $2,000

Limit size of funeral home staff and automobiles used

$300 to $2,000

Buy directly and not through funeral home

Eliminate or reduce any item

$100 to $10,000

Choose and Purchase from one of the Alternatives listed here; Casket and Urn Retailer, Internet, Casket Kit, Private owner, The Cemetery Registry

Caskets & Urns; Pay 50% to 70% less at a Casket Store

Caskets for Sale       ¥      Cremation Urns for Sale

$200 to $8,000

Choose and Purchase from one of the Alternatives listed here; Casket Retailer or Internet, The Cemetery

Burial; Save thousands if you get the right Burial Vault.

$200 to $1,000

Don't rush into this purchase. You can better handle this after the funeral Look for an Internet Retailer, Local Monument Shop, The Cemetery.

Learn More about Grave Markers and  Memorials

Disclaimer: Costs used are rough estimates over a broad range to encompass market variables and should not be taken as definitive nor reflective of any particular market.