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Cemetery Lots for Sale, as many as 1,500,000 could be available right now. We need Volunteers who would accept our $5.00 reimbursement for their efforts to help us locate these Cemetery Lots for Sale owners who could sell the Cemetery Lots for Sale they have and don't need.

We are trying to Expand the already extensive list of Cemetery Lots for Sale in The Cemetery Registry  to help lower the expense of Funeral and Burial Costs for Families in need. We need volunteers to help with our Locate Cemetery Lots for Sale Project to find the nearly 1,500,000 private owners who would like to sell their cemetery lots. We will  provide a fee of $5.00 reimbursement to defray the cost of your efforts for every registration that you locate for us that the owner registers.

Here is How You Can Volunteer for this Project:

You will need a PayPal Account so we can pay you. (Its Free to open one)

Please send us the information asked for below. Once we have it we will issue you a pass code and instructions about how to get credited and paid for registrations you help get registered. Volunteers are not paid for registering their own property but automatically receive a pass code for others they get to register and will be paid for these others when the cemetery lots for sale are registered by the owner using the appropriate pass code.

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