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Funeral Homes have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to what the Internet can and will do for them.

A Final Arrangements Plan. 

"You Need One Whether You eat Caviar Everyday or Use Food Stamps"

By RW Ward, Death Care Consultant
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A Final Arrangements plan should be part of every single persons personal things. This Final Arrangements plan or even simple instructions to ones close family members is the least we as a caring human being can do for those we will leave behind.

It doesn't require you to be rich or have even a dollar in your pocket to get a Final Arrangements plan done. It may take some bravery and an acceptance of the realities of life. Namely, we will all die and leave people who love and care for us someday. By letting those close to us know at least something of how we would want them to honor us at that moment is simply a loving, caring human gesture of kindness at a time when our death will be emotionally and physically causing those who loved us some of the most stressful anxiety ridden emotions any human being ever has to endure in ones lifetime.

Death is a terrible fact of human life. We have, no matter our status in life; rich, poor, famous, anonymous, successful, abject failure, an opportunity to ease a terrible emotional burden from those who must experience the passing of ourselves. Not, at least saying or leaving something to these who care is both selfish and foolish. A Final Arrangement plan doesn't take any money, which is usually the excuse. A Final Arrangements plan takes only a desire to do it and finding our how, what to do and doing it.

The Final Arrangements Network is set up to do the teaching and provide you with the means to leave behind a Final Arrangements plan that you can be proud of. How much will it cost for you to use The Final Arrangements Network's tools? Nothing.

If you are ready to provide this gift to your loved ones and are willing to learn what should be included, you should begin your Final Arrangements plan. Whether you make out a Will, have a Trust, a Living Will, an Estate to protect, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, boats and cars, a mansion or a lean-to, eat caviar everyday or need food stamps, you can do this and The Final Arrangements Network can help you. In addition, if you get serious about really making a Final Arrangements plan that both helps ease the emotional trauma and the financial burden for your loved The Final Arrangements Network can teach you a lot about how to do that part too.


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RW Ward, Essexville, Michigan, USA
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The author writes and studies marketing and consumer trends in death care around the world. 
His industry experience includes some of the world's largest death care providers.

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