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Financial Information To Include in Final Arrangements Planning

This financial information is extremely important as it can have a direct bearing on the lives of loved ones you leave behind. Please take care to give as much detail as possible when adding this data to your arrangement documents.

Do not assume this financial information will be readily available even if those who should know are aware of its existence. Provide appropriate locations and/or account numbers in every case.



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Real Estate

Be sure to keep copies of all deeds with your final plan documents. Make sure you give details as to where original documents are and how to get them. Provide descriptions of the actual holdings.

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Be sure to provide account  or ID numbers, passwords, and information for the following where applicable:

Typical Financial Holdings

  • Savings Account
  • Checking Account
  • Safe Deposit
  • List of Valuables
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Bank Location & Branch
  • IRA Accounts
  • All Other Bank or Holding Accounts
Other Financial Holdings
  • Broker held Accounts
  • Account Numbers
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Bonds
  • Commercial Paper
  • Notes
  • Loans
  • Businesses
  • Liens
  • Life
  • Term
  • Accident
  • Group
  • Credit Union
  • Union
  • Membership
  • Automobile
  • Home


Every year Billions of dollars go unclaimed. Billions that would have gone to survivors is never claimed because the policy was unknown to those who would have rights to make a claim.

Make sure you list every policy you have, the policy number, have a copy of the policy and company. Keep this with your final arrangement plan documents.

If you have a checking or savings account at a bank, Credit Union, Savings & Loan you may have a policy attached to the account, that you didn't even pay for as a benefit. Any organization you belong to may have a group policy for members as a benefit. The kinds of insurance, but not limited to, include those on the left.


Wills, Living Wills/Advanced Directives & Trusts

The Final Arrangements Legal Documents Center
Access to Just about Every Legal Document You will Need for Estate Planning and Final Arrangements


It is amazing how many individuals die each year "in testate", meaning without a will. So much legal entanglements could be avoided by making sure a will exists.

Be sure your will is updated every few years. Give the location of it and make sure to name someone who is also aware of its location.

The same care should be given to any Trust documents. A copy of both these should be kept by the attorney who drew them up 

A living will also known as Advanced Directives or Do-Not-Resuscitate Directive (DNR) allow you to have control over healthcare decisions when you can no longer speak for yourself. They also cover organ and tissue donation. If you have implemented any of these legal documents, be sure to include copies with your plan documents. If you would like to know more use the Links on this page. 

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