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Why Aren't My Cemetery Plots for Sale Selling?

By RW Ward, Death Care Consultant
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Many who have tried and tried again to sell valuable Cemetery Plots for Sale have found it seems to be almost impossible to do. No matter what they do, newspaper, Internet Auctions, Internet, there just never seems to be anyone interested, no matter what the price is or how valuable the Cemetery Plots for sale are. 

We know selling Cemetery Plots for Sale can be a frustrating process, particularly if it goes on for a long time. Telling you that you are not alone is probably not going to assuage you frustration but it is the truth in more cases than those who sell quickly or have a lot of active buyer contact. Cemetery property is not bought and sold like anything else people are used to buying and selling. You might want to read the four part article entitled, Cemetery Plots for Sale? You may wish to read There is No Magic Selling Button to Push about this subject for some insight on it.

We never bought Cemetery property with the thought that someday we might want to sell it, so most of us don't think of all those marketing questions that we might when we buy a home or an automobile. Things like; Is this location a good one if I have to sell? Am I buying what others would love to buy if I decided to sell? Am I buying what others wanted to but couldn't because I did? etc.

We bought because it was what we thought of for us and our family. It may have been the most obscure Cemetery in the town or small and not a commercial enterprise always marketing buying cemetery property at that location. We were not concerned with salability as much as solving a concern we had for the loved ones who would have to make this decision under terrible conditions if we didn't do it for them.

We do the right thing and take care of this for our family. Things change and we end up having to sell what we never thought we would ever have to or want to but we do. We know it can be frustrating but the business of selling cemetery property is not like selling anything else. 

Please remember the likelihood of your or any of our client's property selling like an automobile, furniture, appliance or any of the myriad of items individuals sell or you see being auctioned on EBay is not probable. It is why we, unlike most other listing services either on the Internet or other types of selling assistance services, don't ever charge more fees to continue to stay registered is because we know the cemetery selling process is sometimes long and frustrating and all the money in the world thrown at a listing won't change the fact of how your cemetery property will likely be sold in the long run. This is why we don't try to fool our clients that it is otherwise.

80% of all cemetery property is sold under one and only one circumstance and that is a death that day. This death will require a cemetery plot at the cemetery you have your property at and if you are found as having a way for the family or funeral director to know you have such property you will probably sell it.

This need to be visible at all times somewhere where a family or funeral director knows to look for property is why we have the Cemetery Registry and hopefully why you may finally decide to get your Cemetery Plots registered there.

The Cemetery Registry is also the only truly national cemetery property exchange  for Cemetery Plots for Sale in the USA. It operates with consultants everyday, matching Registered Buyers and Sellers on individual properties, like you expect a large Real Estate broker would do for you if you were buying or selling a home. The big difference is, though our teams do the work you would expect from a professional real estate agent, we don't charge, ask for and get any commissions or extra fees for selling or find you Cemetery property. It is just part of our real people's services. No other national service in the Cemetery property marketplace can give this assurance, that isn't getting a commission and fee or operating as a Cemetery Broker. 

We know how difficult it is and how long it make take. This is one of the main reasons why we don't charge clients renewal fees or run it like a newspaper classified vehicle or even like most Internet classified sites with time limits and constant renewal fees. That would be unfair to our clients as it would indicate cemetery property is sold like furniture or autos and having a good price or a bigger ad would sell it faster. Cemetery property sales don't work that way and never has.

Please don't loose faith. If you are finally considering registering your property and making sure its availability is known to those who are in need, you are doing the right thing. How right a decision this is only takes you taking a look at some of the Successful Cemetery Plots for Sale Testimonials from clients of the Registry and how their property got sold. 

If you haven't seen our tips on selling cemetery plots yourself, please read them and you will find some inexpensive ways you can make your property more known in your market with those who need to know it is available. 



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