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Cemetery Lots for Sale? What Keeps a Seller's Burial Plots and Grave Sites from a Sale and a Buyer!

Part Four of Four
Thoughts You Should Know from the Internet's Final Arrangements Network

Topic Discussed:
Cemetery Lots for Sale? There is No Magic Sell Button to Push. Part Four of Four articles discussing Cemetery Lots for sale. The misconceptions about selling cemetery lots that is keeping most of the nearly 2 million cemetery lots for sale out of the marketplace that private owners could be selling but aren't 

Part 1
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what sellers don’t understand.

Part 2 
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
how they really get bought and sold.

Part 3
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
and what doesn’t work.

Part 4
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what a seller can do.

Cemetery Plots for Sale? There is No Magic Sell Button to Push.

Part 4 Cemetery Plots for Sale what a Seller can do.

So a seller has to understand how a sale happens. Remember what we said. 80% of all cemetery plots for sale get sold when someone has just died. That same seller must also know that it isn’t going to be done quickly or slowly. It is going to happen when that moment in time occurs for a need of his property and that could be right now, an hour from now, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

The sale will have less to do with whether the seller just dropped the price than whether the property is in the right place at the right time and within a reasonable price range or at a savings over what the Cemetery will charge for the same.

He needs to pick a very high visible Internet service that won’t nickel and dime him to death with renewal costs. The ideal service should not have a renewal or any kind of time sensitive fees of any kind attached to the sellers use of it as the chosen service.

Professional services that know the cemetery plots for sale market and how it works will already have taken these unnecessary and costly burdens of renewal and advertising into consideration and rejected them in favor of doing the right thing for the seller. 

The right service won’t try to take advantage of the fact that it can take a very long time for a seller to find a buyer. These professionals will know they could easily string a client along with a renewal fee every month or quarter or year or two years but they won’t.

This service will be as complete and as sophisticated in its marketing tactics, as any big league Real Estate Company would be. Like a major real estate or travel organization is, they will be national in scope. 

This means everyday thousands of potential buyers from all over are coming to find cemetery plots for sale and then passing the word that such a service exists. This word of mouth is the seller’s assurance that eventually that buyer in need will hear about the service and when that time comes to buy will know to go there and find that seller.

This service will not only list the seller’s cemetery plots for sale but also actively be able to lend their marketing to find a buyer. They should already be working with those 20% of cemetery plots for sale buyers who are looking in advance for property and be able to help the seller get his offer to these buyers.

The seller should expect to be able to get help, guidance and advice from this service when they have questions or need help. They should further be able to get changes made easily.

There is only one organization we know of who does all of the above and has been for several years. They not only list property but have a team of professionals that match buyer and seller. Their visibility in all English speaking Search Engines is extremely high for cemetery lots, burial plot and grave sites for sale. Just try the terms in Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and dozens more to find this truth yourself.

The organization is the Final Arrangements Network who is the caretaker and manager of The Cemetery Registry multi-list service for cemetery property for sale. The Cemetery Registry is an enormous database with nearly all the nations publicly accessible cemeteries listed and private seller properties available at them.

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