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 Grave Sites for Sale? What Keeps a Seller's Burial Plots and Grave Sites from a Sale and a Buyer!

Part Three of Four.
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Grave Sites for Sale? There is No Magic Selling Button to Push. Part Three of Four articles discussing Grave Sites for sale. The misconceptions about selling grave sites that is keeping most of the nearly 2 million grave sites for sale out of the marketplace that private owners could be selling but aren't 

Part 1
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what sellers don’t understand.

Part 2 
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
how they really get bought and sold.

Part 3
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
and what doesn’t work.

Part 4
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what a seller can do.

Cemetery Plots for Sale? There is No Magic Sell Button to Push.

Part 3 Cemetery Plots for Sale and what doesn't work.

Newspaper ads don’t really work. Not because they can’t reach the buyer but because it generally takes too much money to just stay visible waiting for a buyer to come along. Even at $20 a week for an ad, would lead to an expenditure of $1,000 a year just to keep the ad running. Any thought of just breaking even on a property that has doubled or even tripled because of cemetery property values is quickly eaten up by classified renewals.

So what should a seller do? Hire a professional organization with the visibility and tools that in the long run will give him the best chance of selling without going broke. It should be one that can do more than just list the property and leave the buyer seller matching to chance.

It needs to be aligned with the Internet if it is going to reach the buyer in the nearly split second timing of decision making for a cemetery plot purchase. That means it needs high Internet visibility. Beyond that it also needs personal contact with buyers, like a real estate agent has for a home seller.

Since no one can predict when the need to buy will arise. Remember it occurs 80% of the time when a person actually dies. Maintaining visibility becomes crucial and therefore costly, unless length of time to be listed doesn’t matter. Therefore, there should be a way to maintain listing privileges without the costs to do so always going up. A $1.00 a week doesn’t sound like much until you realize you are selling cemetery plots and not a dining room table and that it may take you two years to find a buyer for the plots, that’s over a $100.00 and you still might not be done yet.

Most important of all to a seller, should be that the organization needs to be experienced at cemetery property sales not cemetery plots, automobiles, boats, furniture, computers, books and all the other things most Internet classified sites are listing.

   A seller with cemetery plots may think, “Wow this is cheap and look at all the people that go to classified sites. I can’t lose and look at all the money I am saving.”

If that is the attitude the seller still doesn’t get it. If uncle Joe died today, I can guarantee his family is not going to go to the classifieds to find his grave. They will go where their funeral director tells them to go or even their friends but not to the same place they got that used refrigerator last month.

They also aren’t going somewhere on the Internet where they have to bid for uncle Joes grave. Anyone thinking they are going to sell their cemetery plots through an auction to a family who needs a burial site is not paying any attention to how the cemetery property market works.

They aren’t going to go somewhere on the Internet where they have to go through a bunch of autos, homes, boats, furniture, trinkets, you name it, because classified sites bread and butter is not listing cemetery plots for sale but rather those things that get bought and sold everyday and lots of people are looking to sell or buy everyday.

They aren’t going to search forever or find that site on page five of Google or even page three. If it isn’t on page one or two forget it. They won’t find it. It isn’t going to be found by some obscure key word either. If Uncle Joe dies in Florida or Michigan, that buyer is going to type in “Cemetery Plots Michigan” or “Cemetery Plots Florida” and click. If a site shows up they will click it and hope to find the right city and cemetery and they better find it quick or the seller loses again because that buyer will simply give up and call the Cemetery or have his funeral director do it. 

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