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 Burial Plots for Sale? What Keeps a Seller's Burial Plots and Grave Sites from a Sale and a Buyer!

Part Two of Four.
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Burial Plots for Sale? There is No Magic Sell Button to Push. Part Two of Four articles discussing Burial Plots for sale. The misconceptions about selling burial plots that is keeping most of the nearly 2 million burial plots for sale out of the marketplace that private owners could be selling but aren't 

Part 1
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what sellers don’t understand.

Part 2 
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
how they really get bought and sold.

Part 3
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
and what doesn’t work.

Part 4
Cemetery Plots for Sale 
what a seller can do.

Cemetery Plots for Sale? There is No Magic Sell Button to Push.

Part 2; Cemetery Plots for Sale, how they really get bought and sold.

You might ask if this is true then why isn’t every cemetery plot put on the market sold immediately? If the need is so great buyers should be coming out of the walls to scoop up the plots the minute they hit the market. Why don’t they?

Why don’t they? The answer is simple. The Buyer doesn’t know he needs to buy or what to buy until he or she actually has to do it and then must make the purchase in generally a single day or less. This moment of clarity for a buyer comes suddenly and, generally, unexpectedly in a sledgehammer jolt to both his and her emotional and physical being. Remember, this moment of purchase has just been preceded by, him or her being told a loved one is dead and a funeral and burial final arrangements must be undertaken, right now.

This is not an isolated or unusual situation in the cemetery plots for sale marketplace. It is the norm. 80% of all cemetery plots and gravesites are sold this way and until the sellers understand what this marketing and selling fact means, they will continue to ask the question like the naïve seller asked in the opening passages of this article.


If a seller can grasp the above fact of the cemetery plot-selling marketplace they then may be in a position to intelligently approach how they can sell. The real kicker about all this is that, although most sellers may not like the wait that may be involved, most will see a substantial gain in the actual value they will get for the property they are selling.

Most cemetery property doubles every eight years in value and for owners of property more than ten years this means the price will be substantially higher than the amount they spent originally. It isn’t an investment, in the strict sense of the word, as most people don’t buy cemetery property to sell at a profit but rather to fulfill an obligation to the family to take care of this most difficult of tasks so others aren’t burdened with it. Despite this, however, the facts of the matter and the economic realities of cemetery property sales indicate such an increase in value and selling price will inevitably be there. 

The bottom line for sellers is that they have to be visible all the time. They have to have some organization that will push their property whenever the opportunity for a sale comes up, when a buyer has to buy.  

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