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Bel Air Memorial Gardens in Bel Air, Maryland

Property Type:  LOTS

ARN #: 9884 - Status: For Sale

There are 2 side by side Plots in the Fountain Area. Lot 317 A & B. $3,500.00 for both. The Cemetery has agreed to switch the Plots to another location if the buyer if the buyer is not satisfied with the location of these 2 Plots. There is a $100.00 tranfer fee which will be paid by the buyer.

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Property Type:  (2) TWO LOTS

ARN #: 12258 - Status: For_Sale

Two Lots, Double Burial each Lot.$2,000.00 each Lot or $3,500.00 for both Lots. In Four Gospels area, Lot 123.

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Property Type: GRAVE LOTS, (4)

ARN #: 14238 - Status: For_Sale

4 Plots/Graves. Together. Located in the "Green Lawn" Section of Bel Air Memorial Gardens. Plots 18C, 1&2 and Plots 18D, 3&4. Lots are transferable to anywhere in the Garden for $100.00 fee. All Lots: asking $6,000.00. negotiable and may be sold in group of 2 or 4.

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ARN #: 1614 - Status: Register Now

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