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"To Everything There is a Time". The Final Arrangements Network Adds Life Settlement Services for its Financially Savvy Senior Client Base

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November 9, 2004

“To everything there is a time and a season and this is the time and that season”, was how RW Ward, founder and CEO of The Final Arrangements Network described that organization’s most recent association with The Edward Ferrante Agency of New York. The Ferrante Agency, a licensed insurance representative company, specializing in Life Settlements for seniors, has teamed with The Final Arrangements Network, demonstrating The Final Arrangements Network’s continuing acquisition of services that comprehensively and fairly address the needs of its primary clientele, the mature adult market.

“We spent months learning about this fabulous service and negotiating a relationship with them which will fill an important need for a number of our clients. We wanted the very best of what life settlements could offer our clients in both personal service and return. The Ferrante Agency was just that kind of fit for us.” Ward stated in describing the 9-month search of the United States for a life settlement brokerage firm that would offer The Final Arrangements Network’s large senior constituency of clients and visitors the kind of personal, hands-on care that marks this Internet consumer information web-based company’s approach to its services.

The Edward Ferrante Agency, based in Hartsdale, NY, offers a full line of business and private insurance needs and specializes in the vastly expanding life settlements area of the life insurance industry. Life settlement has grown steadily since it first came on the scene in 1997 as a useful product of the insurance industry. It is expected to grow from its current $4 billion in annual transactions to well over $40 billion in the next decade, according to industry experts.

“The wonderful thing about life settlements is that it gives our clients more options in managing their finances at a time when they perhaps thought they were out of options.” Said Ward. “The Ferrante Agency is exactly the company we wanted to assist our clients in maximizing what they have spent their entire lives establishing, their financial security.”

According to Final Arrangements the reason the Ferrante Agency was picked is because of how it goes about representing the client when a life settlement is being consider. TFA deals with the top six corporate investment companies in the US who make offers for individual, corporate and institutional life insurance policies. Additionally, the agency can deal with a myriad of different types of financial instruments including; whole life, universal, term, modified whole life, key man, etc.

“We wanted The Ferrante Agency because we wanted to make sure that when our clients decided to entertain a life settlement to assure the funds they wanted to enjoy the remainder of their lives, that they were given a maximum of offers to choose from. Ferrante does that and does it with care for each and every client they have.” Stated Ward. “ We are assured that when our clients get the offers, they are from solid large institutional investors who can back up their offers. We also know when the Ferrante Agency puts one of our client’s policies out there, that client will get the best bids in the entire industry to choose from. That is what we wanted for our clients and that is what TFA delivers.” Ward added.

As baby boomers begin crossing that line from middle age to senior status they are looking for more ways to enjoy their retirement and insure their financial security. Life settlements will basically take un-wanted, un-needed or under-performing life insurance to the marketplace for individuals or organizations that want to sell, to investors who are willing to make them offers they could never realize by simply cashing in the policies.

Edward Ferrante, principal owner of the Ferrante Agency gave some insight as to why his company was associating with The Final Arrangements Network, “Their website is a virtual Library of Congress and consumer advocate for the entire funeral industry. It is 5,000 pages long and lists everything from A to Z on making funeral arrangements for a loved one, and it tells you some of the “tricks of the trade” so that you or your family are not overcharged, charged for unnecessary items, or ripped off."

“Now that we have a firm partner in The Ferrante Agency with us for life settlements we feel we can move ahead now in our services expansion goals for 2005 which target some of the other aspects of our senior clients’ needs for final arrangements planning, such as long term care, national funeral and cremation services listings, as well as investigating the feasibility of providing funeral and cemetery trade products. We are often being asked by our clients to provide products such as caskets, urns and markers.” Ward concluded.





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